Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favorite Stripes?

Hiya everybody!!  Day 6 of My Favorite Things Challenge - Stripes!!

I was a little anxious about this one, I'm super anal and the idea of uneven stripes drives me crazy!!  This turned out okay, I wish I had striping tape....this was me cutting tape on my quilters cutting board with my ruler.  I even sliced the poop out of my thumb (notice it missing from the photos? - Well, I got lazy and didn't want to do the thumb :) stings like a bugger with the polish remover!!

Hope you enjoy today's mani, I kinda regret choosing the colors I did because the next 31 Day Challenge day is blue so I'll have to think of a whole new idea for that!!  I'm sure I'll manage :)

Blue Gradient White Stripes Nail Art Pantone

Blue Gradient White Stripes Nail Art Pantone

Blue Gradient White Stripes Nail Art Pantone

Base Coat:  Orly Bonder
Dark Blue:  China Glaze - Man Hunt
Medium Blue:  NYC - Water Street Blue
Light Blue:  Essence - You Belong to Me
White:  NYC - French White Tip
Top Coat:  Seche Vite

Don't forget to check out the other ladies doing the challenge, also come back next Tuesday for GLITTER!!

Holla, N


  1. It's funny because every damn polish I picked up for this challenge was blue and I kept having to put it back. Lol I do love the ombre stripes though. Very lovely. I do understand about wanting it to be all even but I think a lot of times with stripes, especially multi color and size you can get away with imperfect stripes. :) either way you did a smashing job even without the thumb.

    1. LOL! From far away, this looks okay, close up, not so much, it still bugs me looking at it how uneven it is - so anal!

  2. Ouch! Hope your thumb is okay! I love all the colors you used for the stripes. I just love blue and your lines are pretty neat looking to me!

  3. O_0 ohh you sliced your thumb? Ouch! Love the color combo of your stripes.

  4. Lol- hope your thumb is feeling better. I almost used striping tape form mine but then just decided to wing it.

  5. Thanks ladies!! My thumb is actually healing pretty fast, it doesn't sting anymore which is a bonus!!!


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