Wednesday, May 15, 2013

S is for Star

Hiya!  Still feeling the blogger blues and my creative juices are almost on empty.  I'm never without polish on my nails, but most of my mani's never see the inside of my light box, sad I know, but they're just meh.  What are somethings you do to get out of a funk?  I'm afraid that not even the brightest of mani's is keeping me inspired - I actually thought to myself, this is too bright!!  WHO AM I?  Too bright?  Now you know I'm in a serious funk :)

I'm off to check out what my ladies have come up with for R, I know I'll be seeing some fabulous mani's, join me by clicking on the links below!

Holla, N

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

R is for Roses

Hi polished (and non-polished) friends!

Welcome to another installment of Kimber's Lacquer Korner ABC Challenge post, today is the letter R.  After, what I thought, was a pretty decent Q, I'm feeling less than enthusiastic about this mani.  Roses seem to be my go to lately and I really wanted to do something different.  I had a bit of a brain fart on Monday, I thought it was Tuesday and hadn't done my R mani on the weekend, so I was rushing to get it done and get the post up for Wednesday.  It was only after I had rushed and spent way more than an acceptable amount of time on this, that I realized, derp, it's Monday.  Hence the go to roses.

Roses Nail Art

And wouldn't you know that I have two rose mani's in the vault (see I told you it was my go to).  They didn't turn out how I wanted, so I thought I would do something new and I'm not feeling it.  I should have just stuck with my vault mani's!!

Roses Nail Art

Roses Nail Art

Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Join me in checking out my lovelies and their "R" mani's, I'm sure they are just as glad as I am to be past the dreaded letter Q - oh wait, we still have V, X, Y, Z......

Holla, N

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Q is for Queen of Hearts

Hello all!  Welcome to my first and likely only post for the week!!  My goodness I am having the worst nail polish blogger block ever!  I took my polish off three times last night - so redonkulous.  I have only one more mani in the vault and I'm feeling the pressure!  The pressure doesn't come from you guys, it comes from myself - I must get 3 posts up a week - I can't believe I used to do this daily - crazy!

Anyhoodle, Q is the letter of the day and I choose something easy - Queen of Hearts.  I kinda wanted to give the quilted technique a try, but every mani I do lately seems to crash and burn, so I stuck with what I can do - nail art.

I can't remember if this was done before or after my break, I think it was before, but my poor little babies suffered a break, yes a small problem in the world full of problems, but at the time it mattered - a lot!  I was actually out with the hubby shopping and I made him take me home so I could fix my break - this was after the trip to Sally's by the way, so don't worry I still managed to buy polish.  He was making fun of me the rest of the night, but come on - my nails, my beautiful, long nails....... China Glaze was on 2 for $10 and then you got a free polish when you bought 2 so I got another - must have all the polish!!!

Hope all you lovelies are having a fabulous week, be sure to join me in checking out my fellow challengers by clicking on the links below!!

Holla, N