Nicole gets Nailed - Not in a Porny Way you Dirty Bird

I stole this from my very first post, thought it was apt.

Bet you thought this was going to be porn...well it is in a way, it's nail polish porn.  You won't see my naughty bits, but you will see my dirty little secret.  My crack, my nicotine, my nail polish, my addiction.  Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a nail polish addict.  Ahhh that feels so good to get out.

My friend, who I met through work, recently (months now) got a new job and no longer works in the same building.  I'm mentioning her, let's call her CS for shits and giggles, because she's the one who started my nail polish addiction.  She likely doesn't know this but it was her bright neon digits she waved in front of my face one day that got me started.

My collection started with the very same package of little bottles of bright neon wonderfulness from Garage that CS had.  You get like 5 little bottles for $10, my cousin actually worked there and I made her bring me some!  My collection has since grown in size, and the hubby even bought me a special roll around cart to store them in.  I haven't actually counted the number of bottles I have, but I know there's a lot - now I have the sudden urge to count them.....

I just started posting my daily polished fingers on facebook.  Mainly to show them off, but also because I was missing CS and missing showing her my daily nails.  No one at work has shown her enthusiasm for my fun time nails, with the exception of one, but she works on a different floor and is new and doesn't visit me all the time etc. etc. etc.

I've received tons of feedback on the nails, mostly good, some eye rolls and wonder at how I have the time and patience to change my nails every day, so I thought I would take my wonderfully creative friend's - who I'll call Jovee - advice and start my own blog.  I don't yet know what this is actually going to look like or if I'll tell anyone it's here, but it's another avenue to cater to my need for sharing.

So there you have it, me in a nutshell or a nail polish bottle - ugh even I groaned at that one.  Here's hoping I get some free samples and not a subpoena (I had to look up how to spell that) for mentioning the names and brands of nail polish.

Holla, N.

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  1. Had the pleasure of meeting you yesterday and thought I would check out your Blog and pictures of your nails.Awesome!!Great site design as well.Keep up the Good work.



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