Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Water Mar-BOO-led the Sequel

Hey everyone!!  How's your fall going so far?  Here, it's wet, windy and gray, it makes taking decent photos next to impossible.  Now would be the perfect time to build that light box I bought all the material for months ago!!

We're onto water marble day for the 31 Day Challenge - ugh, hate water marbling, I always make the biggest mess and for the life of me can't get my finger where the best part of the pattern is - I can make the pattern, get it where I want it, dip my finger in and.....voila, a big splotch of not the pattern I wanted - really, I mastered the circle goes into a round hole etc. as a child, you would think I'd get this.  Oh well, I'm still going to show you all two of my tries, I would have gone for a third, but the day is ending and I wanted to get this up.

Ooooo and on a side note. I participated in my very first Nail Polish Secret Santa - everyone got assigned a name via Elfster - the lovely Amanda from The Nail Polish Enthusiast organized the Halloween/Autumn themed exchange.  The limit was $20 and you had to shop for your secret santa - Elfster makes it easy to create a wishlist or a don't need list for the person that drew your name and ask questions about the name you drew without giving away your identity - so cool!!  Anyways, I got my package last night from Amanda who drew my name and I was literally squeeing with excitement, the hubby was looking at me like I was crazy - lol!!  I got some lovely polishes and the best part the set of MASH nail art brushes - which are SOOOO cool, I can't wait to try them!!  I also got a mini bottle of my FIRST indie (Gini, you would be proud) - here it is over some yummy orange OPI polish that I got!!

Of course the photos don't do the glitter justice, but you'll just have to buy your own Harley by Hit Polish click the link if you want to see much better photos!!  Beautiful orange, black and silver hex glitters and smaller black glitter - ab fab!  I decided to recycle this mani I wore today and water marble over the orange - I also accidentally (how I did this, I don't know) marbled over the glitter so I quickly took the marble off repainted a coat of the OPI orange and did one coat of Harley  - a jelly sandwich of sorts....the pic above has two coats of Harely (which is amazing to apply by the way!).

Orange White Black Halloween Water Marble

Orange White Black Halloween Water Marble

Orange White Black Halloween Water Marble

I used cheapy NYC nail polish for the water marble in black, orange and white.  Pro FX was the top coat.

Now for the attempt I did yesterday, I wanted it to be neon yellow and pink, but it turned out orange so I ended up putting a coat of the neon yellow over top of it all because there was so many white spots.  I will master this one day, just need to practice practice practice.

Neon Yellow and Pink Water Marble

Side Note:  I've been having issues with my computer at home and just started a new job so if you haven't seen me commenting like I normally do, I haven't stopped looking at all your amazing work, I just haven't been commenting as much because it's next to impossible on my phone!!  Bear with me while I adjust, I'll be back to my regular commenting self soon!!

Don't forget to check out the other lovelies doing the 31 Day Challenge - I think we've got most with us still!!

If you want to win some amazing stuff, click here.  Is this getting annoying?  Should I end my giveaway now instead?  or should I just hold out until the 31st?  I feel like it's going on forever, I should have made it last two weeks instead of a month......

Holla, N

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  1. I always love all your water marbles! That glitter is beautiful too. Lol I always end up painting over my accent nail and then having to go back and clean it up.

    1. Thanks hun!! I guess the lesson is do your accent nail last?!? Lol!!

  2. Love both of them! I suck at water marbeling I haven't even done mine lol

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, def not my faveorite technique, but some of the things people do with water marbling is amazing!!!

  4. I actually really like the second one. They are both great though! I need to do mine I guess since I bailed out on the galaxy day...i'm sure i'll do a galaxy mani at some point...I just don't know whatcolors to use for the marble =(
    I, too, feel like my giveaway has been running for an eternity! It's over friday then only the Nailgasm giveaway is going! It's not fun running 2 at once, I don't know how The Polish Hoochie does it!

    1. Get on it chicky!! You can't leave us all hanging - lol!

  5. gorgeous manicures, both of them :D

  6. I think they came out great! The first one has some really awesome swirlies!

    Neons are hard to marble with, BTW. I can never get the colors to look right. I've heard they work better with a black base but I just gave up. Patience I has not!

    1. But if the neon polish is so sheer, how will it cover the black? I should consult you on my color choices before I start this water marbling malarky!!! Add personal consultant to your resume :) TY

  7. OMG, you are so cute. Great post!!!

    Your marble is clean, modern, stylish and fun.

    It doesn't remind me of food, and that is a compliment.



  8. hahah loved the name! these are great!

  9. LOL I loved the name too, kind of expected a gohst popping out of the WM LOL - great work!

  10. show off!! <3


    p.s. dont mind me im just hating :'(


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