Thursday, October 25, 2012

Miss Spider

Hiya!!  Getting sick really puts a damper on the whole polish thing!!  Those two days that I wasn't able to do nails really messed up my schedule!!  I'm cheating a little today, I have very little time left to finish up datyorklove's Nail-Aween Challenge and today is Inspired by a Movie day for the 31 Day Challenge, so I decided to combine two themes into one mani!!

I loved loved loved James and the Giant Peach, both the movie and the book.  I was a huge Roald Dahl fan when I was a kid, I prided myself on reading every single book he had written - ask me now to name one of the books other than this one and I couldn't, but I do remember loving them!!  Without further ado, here is my spider themed James and the Giant Peach movie themed mani!!

Miss Spider James and the Giant Peach Nail Art

Miss Spider James and the Giant Peach Nail Art

For my pointer and ring finger I used:  Finger Paints - Tiffany Imposter
For my middle and pinky finger I used:  Wet n Wild - Black Creme and Finger Paints - Papier Mache for the the stripes.
I used acrylic paints for the details.

I also have a very exciting macro shot of Miss Spider's face for you.  Remember the Easy-Macro that's up for grabs in Prize Pack A in my giveaway?!?  Well, apparently they were getting traffic from my site and hadn't thought this was a market that could use the Easy-Macro, so they contacted me and asked me to take some photos they could use for their site.  I was all over that, but only had purchased the one for my giveaway, so they offered to provide one for me so I could get them some photo's - how cool is that?!?  This thing really is the coolest, you just snap it on to your phone, it doesn't cover the screen and if you have an iPhone 4S or 5 it will auto focus - so cool!!  The only thing is, is that you can't use your flash, this isn't a huge problem, especially for those of you with light boxes.  And the price is reasonable compared to some of the other macro lenses out there - I highly recommend it!!  For more info on the Easy-Macro, click here!  And if you want a chance to WIN one of these puppies, head over here to enter my giveaway - there's still time left to enter - closes October 31st at midnight!!

Miss Spider James and the Giant Peach Nail Art
I wish I had some amazing holo to show you with this thing, but I settled with this.  I wish there weren't streaks in the green and cracks in the acrylic, I hope to take some more shots to show you soon!!

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  1. Thats gorgeous I wish they had those lenses for digital cameras! the built in macro i have is good but I want it better! LOL

    Jazz x

    1. I hope you entered my giveaway, you could get one for your phone!! Thanks!!

  2. EPIC!! I love that book, and the movie. Great mani!!

  3. wow thats so beautiful but she kinda scares the hell outta me lol XD

    1. LOL, she can be a little creepy, but she's so stylish it almost makes up for it!

  4. this is flipping awesome girl!!!! so detailed!

  5. Miss Spider is so cool, well painted again!

  6. these are super super cool! :)

  7. Yowzah, Nicole!!!!



  8. Matilda was one of my favorite books of his, and of course James and the Giant Peach. Love the mani!!!


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