Saturday, October 13, 2012

Galactic Fail

Happy Saturday polished pals!!  Yay for the weekend!!  Today is galaxy nails day for the 31 Day Challenge!

Ugh, this was not a fun time - I spent like an hour on the pinky alone and we all know what happens when you keep layering on polish and blending it with a sponge - you get bald spots and the dry polish underneath starts to lift - fun times.....I know I used unrealistic colors, but I was inspired by this mani done by Copy That Copycat - which I just realized she's done a tutorial for - puck, totally would have helped to know that last night!

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

I won't list all the polishes I used, mainly because I used like 20!!

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Giveaway is still on until October 31st, so if you haven't entered take a mo to pop here to enter!

Holla, N

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  1. I love love love these!!!!!They look awesome!

  2. That's not a fail at all. I love how you did all different colours. Could work Nicadoodle!

  3. I love the look!!!! And the colors look great!!! :)

  4. lolol. you kill me with the "20" polishes comment. Know what you mean. This was not my favorite challenge, either. And, I understand the freak out, cause they didn't end up as you planned, but TRULY, they look great. Try to distance yourself from them. Instead of seeing what you wanted them to look like, look at the unique something that it is.

    Love 'em.


  5. I love them girl! I still haven't done mine, of course! LOL

  6. Girl how can you say it's a fail? They are amazing.

  7. No fail!!!! These look gorgeous, I love all the different colors on each finger! They are blended so well, each one looks totally accurate which is really impressive : )

  8. Lol!! They may've made you have a bad time but it was worth it cause they look grrrreat!

  9. Yea they're not a fail at all! I love how each one is a different color, they look awesome!

  10. Love how you have used different colours for each nail. Looks great, my bf really wants me to try galaxy nails but they look very time consuming.

  11. You guys are the bestest!! Thank you so much for all your positive comments, shoot, need some confidence, start a nail blog - lol!! I'm so glad everyone enjoyed these, they were time consuming and I doubt I'll do these again, but they are starting to grow on me - a bit!!!

  12. wow, this is surely one of the best galaxy manicures in blogosphere, love it :D

  13. This is not a fail, its really excellent! I love it!

    Jazz x

  14. This is so pretty! I love that you used different, non-conventional colors for each galaxy. I also like that you did a great job with cleanup. I hate seeing an amazing galaxy nail with no or halfhearted cleanup. Beautiful! ♥

  15. What a great galaxy, I love the colors you used :)


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