Monday, June 25, 2012

Cheetah Bomb

Doesn't that sound like "she's the bomb?"  I love love love today's mani, I love the brown with flecks of gold and I'm so into Cheetah print right now.  Mostly because I can actually do this on my nails, but also because I've been watching endless episodes of Jerseylicious lately and love how everything and everyone is covered, usually head to toe, in Cheetah print.  Why can't Tracy and Olivia just get along?!

Cheetah Print Nail Design

Base Coat:  Orly - Bonder
Dark Color and Cheetah Dots:  China Glaze - Ingrid
Light Accent:  Revelon - Creme Brulee
Black Accent:  Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen - Black
Top Coat:  Seche Vite

Holla, N


  1. Very cute! You did a great job on that! I've never tried doing them free hand just cuz I have like 2 stamps, but I'm sure I'd suck!

  2. Thanks so much!! So I tried the SH Insta-Dry and my Salon Express stamper and it worked pretty good. The only thing is, is that the full nail designs don't fit my nail, which is a bit of a bummer, but I can def use them on my french mani's - and I wasn't a fan of my SH nail polish because it was so think and gluppy, so glad it's good for something!!

    1. Ugh yeah the salon express stamps are wayyyy too small for my whole nail. Next purchase for you- bundle monster plates. I bet you'd love them. Or konad. I stick w BM as they're much cheaper. :)


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