Sunday, July 22, 2012

Purple Jelly

Sunday funday and my attempt at the Jelly Sandwich manicure....

My fellow newbie nail blogger over at Nail Narcotics, gave me some homework - something I haven't had in forever - to attempt a jelly sandwich manicure and post about it.  I was super excited about this mini challenge because I love this technique and I love the idea of not having to come up with an idea, it was given to me - easy peasy!  Now, I really don't think I have any 'real' jelly nail polishes, so I tried a couple before I decided on this one.  I'm also posting a pink one I did a while back but didn't share.  How did I do?

Don't forget to check out Nail Narcotics Jelly Sandwich Manicure - hers is wayyyy better than mine!

Purple Jelly Sandwich Glitter

Purple Jelly Sandwich Glitter

Pink Jelly Sandwich Glitter

Purple Jelly:
Base Coat:  Orly Bonder
Fake Purple Jelly:  Sally Hansen - Purple Pizzazz
Glitter:  Wet n Wild - Beautiful but Dangerous
Top Coat:  Pro FX Quick Dry High Gloss Top Coat

Pink Jelly:
Base Coat:  Orly Bonder
Fake Pink Jelly:  Essie - Miami Nice
Glitter:  Wet n Wild - Beautiful but Dangerous
Top Coat:  Seche Vite

Holla, N


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!! It's a fakey, cause I don't think this is real jelly nail polish!!

  2. Damn you! You win. They look awesome dude!

    1. Lies!!!!!!!!! Yours are beautiful, I love love love the big glitter!!


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