Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hello!  I've been holding onto sharing today's post for a whole week - something I don't normally do.  I'm very impatient and it's been torture having something and not posting it, but I wanted these photos to have their very own special post.

Last weekend, the hubby and I went camping with my friend Shawna, her sister Kelley and Kelley's fiance Jason.  It was an impromptu camping trip, but one I was super excited to go on!  The hubby and I headed up a day early and I brought my entire nail polish stash!  Yes, that's 114 some odd nail polishes that I brought!  Shawna and Kelley are super artistic and crafty and I was super excited to have someone else do my nails for a change.

3 Little Pigs Nail Art
Kelley did the three little pigs and the big bad wolf on my nails, how cute are these??

Big Bad Wolf Nail Art
The Big Bad Wolf blowing the poor little piggies houses down!

Steam Punk Purple Green Stamping
Clockwise:  Top Left:  Shawna's first mani - Steam Punk!  Right:  Our work space on the picnic table  Bottom Left:  Shawna's final mani using my BM stamping plates.

Trailer Glamping Camping
The hubby in front of our new to us trailer - see the white storage box in the background?  Yes, that's my WHOLE stash - I'd do anything for my friends!!

I realize that camping in a trailer from 1985 is not technically "glamping", but it is to me.  How luxurious is it to camp off the floor and have a bathroom???  Add the nail polish stash and I truly believe we were "glamping"!

Holla, N


  1. Looks glamporous to me!!! We have an old trailer too but it beats the heck out of using a tent!!! Cute nails!! :)

    1. We love our trailer, best purchase ever!! Now we just need to pimp it out - it's missing ac, which would be nice right now!!

  2. Kickass!
    Those chairs are awesome. Sooo relaxing

    1. We just got those, we had uncomfy ones from Costco and I'd had enough. First I bought one and then the Hubby had to have one. The first one he bought was a Canadian Tire brand that broke - just in case you see it and think hey great deal - don't buy it :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I'm saying that like I did this - I didn't, but they are super cute, hey?


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