Monday, July 16, 2012

Jersey Bomb

Happy Monday!  I typed that with a scowl on my face, why do Monday's have to suck so bad?

I just finished watching 3 hours of Jerserylicious, oh how I love that show, the drama, the make-up, the clothes, the CHEETAH print!!  So tonight's episodes (which airs on TLN in Canada on Saturday's and Sunday's) was the Season 3 finale and the two hour follow-up special with Vivica A. Fox (totally random by the way).  I love how Gayle fires Tracy and Gigi at the end, I understand she's hurt and all, but how petty.  I can't wait for Season 4 to air in Canada!!  Here's my ode to Jerseylicious, hope you enjoy!

Jerseylicious Cheetah Print Red Manicure

Jerseylicious Cheetah Print Red Manicure

Base Coat:  Orly Bonder
Base Color:  NYC - Park Ave
Cheetah Dots and Accent:  Sally Hansen - Grey Area and Revlon - Elegant
Black Outline:  Sally Hansen - Black Nail Art Pen
Red:  Sally Hansen - Cherry Red
Top Coat:  Seche Vite

Holla, N


  1. Love it! Very Jersey. Reminds me of something Beth from Dog the Bounty hunter would wear too. lol

    1. Yes, totally! Or Snooki and JWoww! But I actually like Jerseylicious way better than Jersey Shore....


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