Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Review

Hiya!  Today I have a review of Born Pretty Store's silver square studs.  I love love love studs - the nail accessory, not the man variety, okay I like the man variety just as much.  Justin Timberlake is my weakness, his voice - dreamy, his bod.....oh wow, his bod - to die for!

Now that I've cleaned the drool off my face, let's get back to business!  Studs are everywhere these days, I picked up some of the sticker variety a while back and used it for my Tell me About it, Stud mani.  I loved the simplicity of what I did with them, but you only get a few in a pack and I wanted to try out some designs using more than one.  The package you get from the Born Pretty Store comes with about 100 individual studs (likely more, I've never been good with guess how many jellybeans are in the jar games!).  They come in a resealable clear baggie so they are easy to get at and easy to store.

Application was a little difficult for me because I don't own any inexpensive top coat - I'm a loyal Seche Vite user (yes, despite the shrinkage).  I think if you used a coat of inexpensive top coat to stick the studs on, it would work out way better.  I used nail glue - it totally worked, but you can see the line of glue I applied even though I applied a generous coat of Seche.

This design was inspired by Nicole at Polish Me, Please first attempt at a studded manicure.  Nicole is the QUEEN of stamping and her mani's always inspire me to break out the ol' Bundle Monster plates - which she recommended I buy!!  Check out the inspiration here.  If you're not following Nicole, DOOOO it, she is fabulously creative with her stamps and is also the sweetest nail blogger out there - she was the first person to comment on my blog AND follow me on Twitter!!

Born Pretty Store Square Stud Nails

Light Blue with Silver Stamping Nails
Just to show Nicole my stamping skills - I still need some practice, but I'm glad I managed to get the stamp on the  whole nail!
If you're interested in picking up some studs of your own (unfortunately no man varieties for sale yet!), visit the Born Pretty Store and look up Item ID: 2859 or click here.  You get the whole package for $5.73 - total steal!!  Plus, here's a 10% off coupon code - major score!!

Tune in Friday for my review of the Born Pretty Store black flocking powder - super excited to share this mani, so don't forget to stop on by!

Holla, N


  1. Can't go wrong w studs. Love em.

  2. Love these studs on a stamped mani !!!

  3. It's so pretty, and I love that you used the studds over the stamping, great idea!

  4. DAMN YOU AND YOUR STUDS WOMAN! LOL I really need some studs! The nail kind or Justin Timberlake, either or, I wont argue! I love this mani! I wish I could do the full nail stamping, it looks so cute!!

  5. These are really pretty love the studs :)

  6. I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! congratulations :)

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE(!!!) these!! The square studs look awesome, I love the background and they just look so cool! Thanks for the shoutout! :) I think your stamping looks good. It looks perfect under those studs!


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