Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A is for Acrylic Awesomeness

Hiya!  Welcome to day one of the ABC Challenge, hosted by ma girl Kimber over at Kimber's Lacquer Korner!!  So excited to be joining some of the same ladies who did the 31 Day Challenge and meeting new blogger buddies for this amazingly awesome challenge - see what I did there - threw in some extra A's for "A" day!

I did this mani before I knew about the challenge and I didn't have time to find a polish that starts with an "A" so I choose to spotlight the acrylic paint I used.  I love using acrylic paint for nail art, you can mix colors easily and literally make hundreds of different colors and shades using only a handful of colors.  Plus it's super cheap, you can pick it at the dollar store and the selection is fabulous.  Acrylic paint dries matte, so a good top coat is a must-have, but for this mani, I mattified the base so I didn't need a further top coat - bonus!  This also reminds me a little of art deco - another "A"!!!

Art Deco Nail Art

Art Deco Nail Art

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Holla, N

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  1. That is a cute design

  2. I love it !! What a cute design :)

  3. Um excuse me but can you stop being so freaking awesome and artistic? Kay? Thanx!!!! <3

  4. It's so beautiful, I really love it!

  5. You are so talented at free hand painting! I could never do something like that. Seriously! Back in my school days when we had art classes that was the subject I had the worst mark in!

  6. That's a very cool design! I really need to start using my acrylic paints more too :)

    I created a FB group for us incase you want to join :)

  7. This looks so cool! I must try it!

  8. Very cute!! Now I want to go get some acrylic paints! lol.

  9. Yes. Very much art deco-ish! I love this, Nicole! Damn great job!

  10. lol acrylic paint is awesome indeed! Your so creative as always Nicole :)

  11. I'm so hesitant in using acrylic paint on my nails, but you make it look so easy! Haha great job at free-handing that design, it reminds me a lot of Greece and those classic pillars :)

  12. You and your damn detailed nail art! I need to get on doing some! I love this, OF COURSE!


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