Monday, March 18, 2013

M•A•S•H Stamped Review

Happy Monday, polished friends!!  Today I have the first of a couple of reviews of M•A•S•H products I've received.

First up is the M•A•S•H Nail Art Polish for Stamping in White.  I'm always on the look out for great stamping polish, I know you can use regular polish, but I always seem to get crap results.  I'm way too cheap for the stamping polish of the well known brand, that I won't mention, but starts with a K, so finding another alternative, is a major score for me!  I have heard a lot about M•A•S•H since my foray into the nail blogging world, but I always thought they just did stamping plates.  I'm pleased to see that they offer so much more than that, from stamping polish, nail stickers, accessories and rhinestones.

MASH White Stamping Polish White on White

I wanted to do something delicate and pretty and really loved my white on white polka dots I did when I first started this whole blogging thing. I wish I could say that I used a M•A•S•H stamping plate, but I don't own any....I know it seems weird that I'm reviewing a M•A•S•H stamping polish with un-M•A•S•H plates, but such is life - plus, the important bit is the polish!!  First off, it comes in a 15mL bottle, the only "stamping" polish I own, comes in a little itty bitty bottle that doesn't last long and gunks up super fast, so a bigger bottle is a total score.  Secondly, this stuff didn't dry super duper fast, once you pull your scraper over the image, and you happen to drop your stamper on the floor (like I always manage to do), you actually have a second to pick it up and still get a clear image onto your nail.

Because the formula is a little thinner than my other stamping polish, I wanted to test it on a darker background.  My nails were already nicely done, so I pulled out my tax package and stamped on the pretty green cover!  There are some bare spots, but I attribute that to my poor stamping skills, rather than the product.

MASH White Stamping Polish White on White

You can purchase this stamping polish and other M•A•S•H nail products on their website, the stamping polish retails for $5.99 a bottle, which I think is a pretty good deal for a 15mL bottle!

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Holla, N


  1. This looks fabulous! I love how subtle the result is :) Great idea!

  2. Loving how delicate this is! And lmao about dropping the stamper - I thought I was the only one!!!

  3. So delicate looking !! LOVE !!! :)

  4. The price is fabulous. Just bought a couple of Konad blacks and it ran me lots more than that. I know others have managed to stamp with any old polish, but I need to have the real thing. I'm gonna check these out Nicole.

    Pretty stamped image, too, Nicole! Tone-on-tone rocks.

    And I LOVE your white on white dotticure. Pinterest-worthy stuff!!!! It's straight to the Painted Nails board.

    Here's to a good and productive (and fast) work week! :)

  5. So delicate and romantic! Love it!

  6. cool dude! I'm waiting to get the product they are sending me to review. I said whatever they want so I'm not sure what it is.
    I love stamping but I find I'm not doing it as much because I'm lazy pants


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