Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Sissy

Happy 16th Birthday to my sister, Olivia!!

You may have guessed that I'm quite a bit older than my sister, I was 17 when she was born and I can tell you it was quite the shock when my mom told me she was pregnant. I never wished for a sibling when I was younger, I always wanted a piano and a dog.  I never got either of those things, but getting the most amazing sister instead - even better.  Join me is wishing my baby sister the most amazing 16th birthday ever!  In the 16 years since you were born, you have filled my life with so much love and laughter and I can't imagine having this much fun with a piano or a dog!!!  Thank you for the chicken pox, the lap full of puke before my first time at the club, the pee every time you were tickled, the goose tape, the hair hidden in a starbucks bag and all the other fun stuff in between!

Purple and Nude Leopard Print Nails

I love you to the moon sissy!!

Holla, N


  1. This looks absolutely lovely - love that glitter!

  2. awww aren't you sweet!
    Those nails are awesome. Looks like your headed out to pick up ;)

  3. Lmfao!!!! Your post cracked me up! Happy birthday Olivia!!!!

  4. Happy birthday to Olivia :)
    It's a beautiful mani for the celebration!!

  5. Lovely mani !!! Happy birthday to you sis :)

  6. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Olivia! Happy Birthday to you! And mani happy manis, tooooooo! :)

    Perfect, Nicole! :)

  7. hope your sister had an amazing birthday! :) beautiful mani!

  8. Best wishes for your Sister!!!
    lovely pattern, beautiful nails... I follow you :)


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