Friday, December 7, 2012

Stamped Ring

Hello Polished Pals!!  I'm here, I'm here!!  I'm feeling so guilty for leaving you all for the last couple of days.  I've missed two 12 Days of Christmas posts (or one, I can't even remember...) and I had the same mani on for two whole days - who does that - lol!!

It's been a hectic couple of days - I bought my very first brand new car on the weekend and finally got it on Tuesday night.  It's sooooo nice, no more grinding noises when I turn left or right!!  The hubby was very concerned the car would break down and cause an accident, so I think I replaced it just in time!!  Our 7 year anniversary was yesterday and the hubby surprised me with my engagement ring all fixed and fitted.  Long story short, had to take it off because of eczema, when I put it on again, it no longer fit - it got stuck, I had to go to Emerg to have it cut off and it's been broken ever since (about 4 years).  I totally cried like a baby and it felt like he had proposed all over again, it was super sweet!  Something to know about the hubby, is that he is the absolute WORST at keeping secrets or surprising me, so he totally hit the ball out of the park this year with this gift, I had NO idea.  He got me again when we went to pick up the new car, he had gone there earlier in the day and got them to put my brand spankin new laptop in the trunk so when the sales guy opened the trunk, it was there - I was totally surprised!!  No easy feat, but he did it twice in one week.  I'm super duper lucky, he's pretty much the greatest man ever!

Here's my beautiful ring, so pretty....

Blue with White Stamped Nails
Here's the mani I wore for two days, at least it was pretty!!

Base Coat:  Orly Bonder
Main Color:  Orly - Shockwave
I used the special Born Pretty Store white stamping polish for the stamps
Top Coat:  Seche Vite

I think I'm going to have to bow out of the 12 Days of Christmas challenge, I will still be checking out all the lovely mani's, but I think I might have challenged myself out.....

Holla, N


  1. Oh what a lovely story to read - what a lovely hubby"
    The ring looks gorgeous, and the mani is very lovely!

  2. Great mani and beautiful ring! Your hubby sounds like a real wonderful guy! :D

  3. Aw what a fabulous surprise! Yay hubby!
    You stamped this SO well, its so gorggorgeous :-)

  4. aww you are soo lucky! your hubby is the sweetest. ^.^
    Beautiful mani and beautiful ring!

  5. Beautiful ring chica! Aaaaaand I love the stamping! I guess the stamping polish makes a huge difference?

  6. OMG!!!!!! Refitted ring. New laptop. What a GREAT story! That hubby of yours seriously scored! YAY!

    PS I had a ring cut off once, too. In fact, I think it's still in its busted condition. Gotta talk to the hubby about that.

    Congrats on the new car, honey. Drive it in good health. I'm going to throw some virtual pennies in the passenger seat foot compartment. Said to bring good luck ;).


  7. Love it! Great color combination and the design is awesome. You really did a great job in this mani.

  8. love the stamping and color combo!

  9. what a gorgeous manicure, i'm in love *.*


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