Friday, April 26, 2013

Cut it Out!

Happy Friday!!  Who remembers Full House??  Who cried when Michelle gave Jessie the pink bunny rabbit wallpaper from his room??  ME!

Today, I have another vaulted ABC Challenge mani.  This one is inspired by Lexi Martone who I follow on Instagram, but does have a blog called Finger Painted.  This girl is AMAZABALLS, yes she is that good she gets ALL CAPS!  I can't find the inspiration mani on her blog, but it is on Instagram, fingers crossed that when you click on this link, you'll see what I see!

I'm not all that keen on how this turned out.  The base color was way more pink before I covered it up and the pinky is horrendous.  Oh well, I'm a HUGE fan of Lexi and I have another inspired mani that will make an appearance on Peace, Love and Polish soon!!

Holla, N


  1. LOL love the title - and the mani is stunning - well done!

  2. Oh God. My jaw fell to the floor when seing this picture on my blogger list but damn, it big it's even PRETTIER! Amazing manicure..!

  3. This is insane! I love the graphic style and the mix of colors!

  4. CRAZY GORGEOUS. And yeah, it was worth the screaming caps. Damn, that's a fine mani you've got there, girlfriend!

    Thanks for the hat tip on Lexi. I'm adding her to the blogroll.

    Amazaballs, is right, chicky!

    Ya done great!


  5. We're always so harsh on our own work - I think this look great! Your lines look fantastic and neat!


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